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forge world

  1. Trading Area
    topic deleted This topic can now be deteled
  2. Modelling and Painting
    This is a showcase of my converted Forge World Great Unclean One. What do you guys think about him being equipped with scythe? I was pleased with the way he turned out and wanted to share. :so_happy: Feel free to provide feedback. Thanks. -W
  3. Project Logs
    With the release of the heresy betrayal book ive decided its tume to begin a new army, something a bit different to all of my previous ones as well as one which is unique thus, i begin my death guard army. Ive enjoyed playing deathguard for a while now (as a CSM army) and love their resilience...
  4. Project Logs
    With all the buzz about Great Crusade and Heresy-era armies these days, how could I not jump onboard with this? Picking a Legion was a no-brainer for me. Sons of Horus, of course! And make no mistake, this is going to be a traitor army-- the iconic Cthonian Legionnaires that are on a slide...