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  1. Dark Eldar Army Lists
    I'm looking to build a list that's competitive but not broken. I've got a couple ideas so far. First is probably the more fun of the two lists. Haemon w/Liq-60 5x Warriors w/Blaster in Venom w/SC-125 5x Warriors w/Blaster in Venom w/SC-125 6x Reavers w/CCx2.HLx2-196 6x Reavers w/CCx2.HLx2-196...
  2. 40k Rules Discussion
    Something that came up in my last game: hydra autocannons have the skyfire rule but don't have intercept... so they can only hit non-flyers on a 6. Is that right or did I miss something? Personally I thought they had intercept but I can't see anything that gives them that USR...
  3. Project Logs
    Hello Folks, welcome to my first completed force in so, so, so, so many years! I know it isn't huge, it is only 500 points after all but after picking up a brush for the first time in years it feels great. I must say not only am I pleased with the overall results but I'm very pleased with myself...
1-3 of 3 Results