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  1. Project Logs
    A long time ago I started getting a decent size Ork Epic army together because a long term friend wanted to play using the old 2nd edition rules. The the bloke had ridiculous amounts of Imperial and a good chunk of Orks he had collected since the original rules set. Any man with over 30 Warlord...
  2. Epic Noise Marine Detachment

    a squad of devoted followers of Fulgrim. converted the rhinos a bit to suite the 'sound theme' better. also chained an unlucky smurf to one of them. (sorry for the blurry pic)
  3. Epic Knight Lancers

    those rarities turn 20 this summer. i got hold of them some 10 years ago through a friend. since those are the first imperial knights lancer ever, they were used with 1988 titan legions/space marine. so basically when the battles were still fought in the heresy eara. and since i'm painting a small
  4. Epic Deathstrike Missile Launchers

    i usually arm them with plasma warheads. they end all arguments. always.
  5. Epic Leman Russ

    a selection of leman russ from my armies. the right one is a 1990's modell.
  6. Epic Chaos Keeper of Secrets

    Greater Demon of Slaanesh. (just finished. never been fond of slaanesh but got inspired by vashs scratchbuilt questor for 40k)
  7. Epic Imperial Leviathan

    great preatorian. feel the imperiums might.
  8. Epic Warlord Titan

    first edition modell
  9. Epic Reaver Titan Battlegroup

    imho the best effectivness/cost ratio in the whole game. a reaver battlegroup simply rocks.
  10. Epic Legion of the Damned

    appear out of the mist. saved my ass more than once.
  11. Epic Dark Angel Banner Bearer

    robe sculpted from green stuff
  12. Epic Imperial Demolishers

    if something needs opening..
  13. Epic Baneblade Company

    such cuties.. say cheese..
1-20 of 35 Results