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  1. General 40k
    Hi! New to the forum and wondered if anyone could help. My aim is to have 2 armies beginners armies to play at home, to introduce friends and family to 40K. I happen to have a bunch of models already. I’m looking after my nephews during this lockdown who are very keen so I’ve bought the 9th...
  2. 40k Fluff
    Generally not three words you find in the same sentence, but given the new lore surrounding the Ynnari I felt there were questions here worth asking. The Drukhari, or Dark Eldar, have always been described as cruel beyond measure, a race of eldar so evil and depraved that it was considered...
  3. Xenos Tactics
    I'd like to talk about the basics from where to start assembling a list for pure Dark Eldar (master race) lists. I see a lot of newby DE players asking for help in listbuilding and falling in what i think are small traps laid by the codex itself. I'll try a simple and wide approach from where...
  4. Eldar Army Lists
    I am getting back into 40k and need some advice on two lists I have built, One is designed for Horde/MC heavy armies and the other is for MEQ/TEQ/Tank heavy armies. List 1(2000 Points) - Designed for Horde/MC heavy armies HQ - Farseer - 135 Points -Jetbike -Spirit Stone of Anath'lan -Singing...
  5. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, It has been a looooong while since I have been able to game, but that time has now passed! We are now able to get games in regularly now and are back to working on enjoyable batreps for you all to watch. We have changed up our batrep format a bit, having been inspired by...
  6. Eldar Army Lists
    Hi, I am returning to the hobby after 9 years (or more) and have an Eldar Army. The thing is that I got a lot to paint yet and I want to do the best army with what I have before buying (as I want to finish painting before getting more models). This is what I got. 1 Eldrad Ulthran 1 Asurmen 1...
  7. Modelling and Painting
    I recently acquired both a wraithlord and a wraithseer kit. In an effort to make them very visually distinct, I'll be converting them both fairly heavily. I've begun work on the Wraithlord. He shall be named William. Here's the page of notes and sketches that I put together to help me...
  8. 40k Battle Reports
    Basement Batreps - **Tourney #2 - Round 1** Hey all, my gaming group and I did a little tournament between ourselves. It was a double round robin tournament and was a ton of fun. The matches were tight and were extremely exciting. I really hope you will all enjoy them. Army Lists & Tournament...
  9. 40k Tactics
    Hi all, I am veery slowly building an army of DE. To make things clear, my last updated armylist was for 6th ed. It had archon + 4 incubi in a Venom, 3 trueborns with dark lances, 5x blaster warriors in a venom, 5x warriors with a blaster in a raider and a ravager. This was a mini-list for...
  10. Eldar Army Lists
    So this list is a fluffy and fun Eldar army. I am rocking Ulthwe style, lots of psykers and no aspect warriors (I know they can use aspect warriors, but not in my list). 1500 points is my favorite amount and I know I want to run storm guardians as apposed to defender guardians (because I love...
  11. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another battle in for you all. It is a rematch for us with the Dark Eldar now being used as the primary army with Eldar as their allies. Enjoy, Tyranids Vs Dark Eldar 1750 Pts The Relic watch?v=RkiNuNr8sM4
  12. 40k Battle Reports
  13. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another battle in for you all. The Eldar take on the Tyranids once again! Please share and subscribe if you enjoy our content. Tyranids Vs Eldar 1750 Pts Crusade watch?v=V8bRm8DjjCE
  14. Eldar Army Lists
    Hey all I am a complete newbie to 40k, but am very interested in playing and being a part of the community. I have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing what troops for your army. I want to be eldar and want to start with a 1k point army. Please help me build a good army. Thx
  15. Painting and Modelling Services
    I just finished this commission for two phantom titans. Alas, I have to ship them to their home soon. Its like sending kids off. For more see my blog. The commissions are for this guy some of you may know. on to the pictures! Ok Ill include every model done for him to date.
  16. New Member Introductions
    Very much a newbie, been attending a club for 6 months playing board games but now about to take the plunge into 40k. 1st - I have a second hand unpainted option on a Tau army or borrow a beautifully painted Eldar army with 3 jet bikes. The club tournament starts in Feb with only 200pts...
  17. 40k Battle Reports
    Got in another battle with my freshly painted Ultramarines! My brother used his Eldar, which resulted in a tight match with a lot of epic moments. Enjoy! Don't forget to checkout the rest of our channel and subscribe if you enjoy our style of batreps :). Ultramarines Vs Eldar 1250 Pts...
  18. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another batrep in for you all. My Tyranids take on my brothers Eldar/Dark Eldar combo. Hope you all enjoy :). Tyranids Vs Eldar/Dark Eldar 1750 Pts Crusade watch?v=tPm1ePXHwlo
  19. 40k Battle Reports
    Got in another battle, with Prince Yriel taking on the Swarmlord once again!! Tyranids Vs Eldar 1750 Pts Crusade (Maelstrom Secondary) watch?v=unkFSbsPrrc
  20. 40k Battle Reports
    The Swarmlord returns to enact his revenge on Prince Yriel! See if the Eldar can recover a rare artefact before the Tyranid swarm overwhelms them! Tyranids Vs Eldar 1750 Pts The Relic (Maelstrom Secondary) watch?v=da_wEd5qHL0
1-20 of 178 Results