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  1. Eldar Army Lists
    Hey all, this is a tournament list I've been kicking around. I'm wondering if this list has any major flaws. I realize that the Harlequin detachment isn't the best use of points, but I REALLY want to have a troupe of harlequins for the army's paint theme. Eldar: Craftworlds CAD HQ Autarch...
  2. General 40k
    hello, all. so, i learned with 2nd ed, played regularly until maybe 1999, but have not played a single game for more than 10 years. i had been painting and modeling until 2007, however. finally got my old stuff shipped to me - i had moved to the other side of the world, and ended up staying...
  3. 40k Army Lists
    James Tighe who is a wargaming columnist for At Tha Movies is a fluff player who needs help building a competitive Eldar army list for this year's Throne of Skulls tournament. To make things a little more difficult, James has given himself a budget of £50.00, nut intends to use some of his...
1-3 of 3 Results