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  1. Kickstarters
    The Elsor-Varo, 28mm Sci-fi Dwarves is the latest Kickstarter from Gydran Miniatures Studio, its to fund a range off 28mm white metal or resin miniatures, with the main focus being Dwarves. It has 4 days left, a bunch of stretch goals have been unlocked, with some of them being added to certain...
  2. Other Systems
    Hello everyone My name is Jakub "Liskowic" Rutkowski and I want to present you new skirmish type game set in postapocalyptic world devastated by huge magic accident. This game is not about simple anihilation of your opponent. In order to win you have to focus on mission objectives and your own...
  3. Kickstarters
    Dwarves At Arms is the latest Kickstarter By Macrocosom Miniatures for a range of Crusader and Norman Dwarves sculpted by Alessio Cisbani in 28mm and cast in white metal. It is a 30 day campaign, its has been funded and is working its way to the first stretch goal...
  4. Dreadfleet commission - Dwarven ship

    This is a basic model, so it was fun and easy to paint.
  5. Dwarf Ironbreaker Command [Back]

    Dwarf Ironbreaker Command Back. Date: 2000 Product Code: 99499999015
  6. Dwarf Ironbreaker Command [Front]

    Dwarf Ironbreaker Command Front. Date: 2000 Product Code: 99499999015
  7. Khazad-Guard (Dwarf) - Lord of the Rings

    A very nice mini which I painted OK
1-7 of 7 Results