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  1. Modelling and Painting
    Hey guys this is my first thread so please be kind. Today i managed to pick up a space marines venerable dreadnought, and since I've just got back into 40k (Dark Angels) I thought id try my hand at some "Converting." P.s The model does not sport even a primer at this stage, and the base is far...
  2. General 40k
    So I haven't managed to get a hold of the new CSM-codex yet, but what I see from the homepage is that they have removed the model Chaos Dreadnought all together. My question will it come back with a later wave (I'm not familiar with these waves but from what I understand is that some models come...
  3. librarian dreadnought

    librarian dreadnought

    Axys Anvilfist, Librarian Dreadnought of the Soul Drinkers
  4. Soul Drinker D-nought

    Soul Drinker D-nought

    This was the second figurine that I painted... & the first that I used magnets on. Someday I might drill the magnets out and reset them, but with other projects right now, it's down the list.
  5. Iron Hands Dread

    Iron Hands Dread

  6. Iron Hands Dread

    Iron Hands Dread

  7. Dreadnought


  8. DH-Dread


  9. Ironclad Dreadnought

    Ironclad Dreadnought

  10. Deathguard


    It helps if you hum the theme song to "My Three Sons". Forgeworld Dreadnoughts. 3's Company. Har har.
  11. Deathguard


    Forgeworld Deathguard Dreadnought, circa 2005-ish.
  12. White Scars 3e

    White Scars 3e

  13. White Scars 3d

    White Scars 3d

  14. White Scars 3c

    White Scars 3c

  15. White Scars 3b

    White Scars 3b

  16. White Scars 3a

    White Scars 3a

  17. White Scars 3

    White Scars 3

  18. Dreadnought and Captain

    Dreadnought and Captain

    Again from the AoBR box. The banner on the captain is going to dissapear, I think, as I don't really see the value in announcing your position on the battlefield to your enemy by having a huge flag on your back. I'll try and light the photos a bit better next time, too.
  19. Possessed Dread w/new base

    Possessed Dread w/new base

    Just added the new base for my possessed Dread. Drywall and sand & some random bitz. WIP
  20. work in progress

    work in progress

    this sum pics of my silver skulls army,(work in progress) hope you like