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  1. DE Dreadlord on Albino Cold One - front

    My Dark Elf Dreadlord, modelled from a combination of Corsair and Cold One Knight Parts (had to do some cutting and green stuff to get the legs to fit properly). Skulls from Fantasy basing pack. Used a combination of Citadel and Reaper paints (for reaper used Adamantine Black and Ghost White). Fo
  2. Dark Elf Warrior Command with Dreadlord and Assassin

    Here's a group show of my Dark Elf Warrior Command group, with the Dreadlord and Assassin.
  3. Dark Elf Warriors with Dreadlord

    Here's a close up shot of my Dreadlord. Watch out for him in the Pit Fighter forum... That's a rather nasty Obsidian blade he wields! I tried a new technique on his cloak: painted a green/turquoise shade, lots of green, blue and purple washes. I also used metallic medium mixed in with some of the g
  4. Dark Elf Warriors with Dreadlord

    A unit of Dark Elf Warriors with a Dreadlord. Entered this unit into the Themed Painting Contest, winning second place!
1-6 of 6 Results