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  1. Dreadfleet commission - Kraken ship

    Again, the photo blurred, but it's not much to look at anyway... metal, and some more metal, and... more metal.
  2. Dreadfleet commission - Pharaoh ship

    This was a PAIN IN THE ASS. There is a break in the oars due to the fact that the ship isn't actually fully set in it's base for this image (to simplify transportation) - so that break isn't actually there when it's fully assembled.
  3. Dreadfleet commission - Heldenhammer

    This photo sort of blurred, so it's not perfect. The sails did not originally have the black outlining on the designs - however... The ship was delivered assembled so the middle sail was not clean at all, so - the whole thing had the lines added to disguise some of that :P
  4. Dreadfleet commission - Dwarven ship

    This is a basic model, so it was fun and easy to paint.
1-4 of 4 Results