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  1. General 40k
    Not sure if this is the correct location to post this but here is. If not then maybe a mod could move it to the desired location and then pass it to me where to go for next time. Anyways here is... New Grey Knights vs Deathwatch.
  2. Project Logs
    I'm back in the game, I've been out of this for a very long time I believe almost 2 years. Last year I decided to become self-employed in running a gaming shop but due to problems such as money issues, I couldn't do it so I decided to an alternative route and start by doing commission work to...
  3. General 40k
    I wanted to create an elite chaos army using the deathwatch codex. I was just wondering if this was a good or a bad idea. I mean other than the fluff behind using the codex and some items in the codex might be a bit odd.
  4. 40k Rules Discussion
    Hi all. So i've been playing a full DW army for a little bit now and have been enjoying playing it but have come across a few things that i don't particularly understand so i'm hoping some of you guys know or can aid in understanding. When it comes to having allies of detachments with your...
  5. Original Works
    I wrote this for that recent submissions window the Black Library had. That didn't amount to anything so I thought I might as well put it here The Fog of War Attalus walked through the ruined world. His bolter was raised and he strained his preternatural sight to penetrate deeper into the...
  6. Roleplay Games
    we play every monday night at 9pm EST (keep in mind that we set our clocks back an hour this sunday) till midnightish (usually ends up closer to 1am) using maptools 1.87 and skype. we play all settings in the line by fantasy flight games (and possibly even warhammer fantasy 2nd ed) in...
  7. Project Logs
    I'm currently in the process of modelling and painting a Deathwatch Kill-Team to use during tabletop roleplaying games and guard my dice while I sleep. So far I've completed an Ultramarines Tactical and a Dark Angels Devastator marine in that order, and now I'm in the process of putting together...
  8. Modelling and Painting
    Well its been awhile since i was active in anything 40k and a friend of mine dragged me into his Deathwatch group starting next week i was looking through some of the wargear for the chapter id chosen the Raven Guard and two items stand out The Wings of the Raven a jump pack with the following...
1-8 of 9 Results