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  1. Deathguard

    Chaos Terminator Lord with Combi-Melta and Power Fist. I named him "Scott" after Austen Power's son. -You just don't get it, do you Scott?
  2. Deathguard

    Possessed / Chosen Plague Marine
  3. Deathguard

    Nurgle Possessed / Chosen
  4. Deathguard

    Disgruntled looking Plague Marine / Possessed / Chosen.
  5. Deathguard

    Predator 2. . . the left side.
  6. Deathguard

    Predator 2, same configuration. Twin Linked Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter. Although the HB spronsons are attached with magnets so . . .
  7. Deathguard

    Predator eye close up. "Eye see you." I kid with people that this tank has a BS of 5! :D
  8. Deathguard

    Chaos Predator. Daemonic Possession. (gee ya' think?) Twin Linked Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter Spronsons
  9. Deathguard

    Another side of the second Rhino.
  10. Deathguard

    Second Rhino. Some of the reds are a little washed out in these photos. The big veins don't looks so uniformly red in person. :(
  11. Deathguard

    Another angle of the Rhino.
  12. Deathguard

    Plague Rhino Forgeworld doors and front plate.
  13. Deathguard

    Nurgle Terminator Aspiring Champion
  14. Deathguard

    Nurgle Terminators with Twin Linked Reaper Autocannons and Power Fists. All around pain.
  15. Deathguard

    Plague Marine with Melta Gun
  16. Deathguard

    Another Pestigore conversion to a Plague Marine Icon Bearer.
  17. Deathguard

    Nurgle Icon Bearer. Modified from a WHFB Pestigore. Legs were cut off and replaced with space marine legs. Backpack added.
  18. Deathguard

    Nurlge Plague Marine with flamer. burn baby burn
  19. Deathguard

    Nurgle Terminator. Does he look inquisitive. . . or is it me?
  20. Deathguard

    Nurgle Terminator Chain Fist and Combi-Melta. Sometimes.. you just need to be sure it's dead.
21-40 of 59 Results