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  1. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hello hello, I am just getting back into WH40k after a few years break, and I am glad to see the Death Guard have their own codex now and I chose to deep dive in with them. I have a 1000pt army list that could probably use some tweaking/modification, so if you see anything that isn't synergistic...
  2. Project Logs
    With the release of the heresy betrayal book ive decided its tume to begin a new army, something a bit different to all of my previous ones as well as one which is unique thus, i begin my death guard army. Ive enjoyed playing deathguard for a while now (as a CSM army) and love their resilience...
  3. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    I have always loved Abaddon for some reason (probably because he can absolutely dominate in CC if you can get him into a good spot), and so I wanted to try my hand at a fairly competitive 2k list with him. I am a Death Guard player almost exclusively (although I do deviate to undivided from...
  4. Death to the false emperor

    During the Black Crusades Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Slaanesh join the Black Legion to bring death to the false emperor
  5. Death Guard Lord & Banner

    The Banner broke off when I got him from ForgeWorld. So I didn't want to waste it.
  6. Nurgle Vindi WIP

    front view. Still a work in progress.
  7. Nurgle Vindicator WIP

    Work in progress. Used Corps Cart bits for the bodies.
  8. Converted Death Guard Land Raider

    I used A LOT of green stuff!!!
  9. Converted Death Guard Land Raider

    I used A LOT of grenn stuff!!!
1-12 of 12 Results