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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    I've thrown together this list for the games I play which aren't massively competitive but of course the players all set out to win. It is not exactly 2000 points but the people I play with are lenient and just make small adjustments to match their opponents. Here goes: HQ Mephiston 250 pts (in...
  2. 40k Tactics
    I have recently been reading up on Death Company tactics and I have noticed that most people seem to use their DC as what are essentially Tactical Marines. I don't see the point in this as Furious Charge is much more beneficial for CC DC. Am I wrong in thinking that boltguns are a waste of time...
  3. Lemartes (side)

    Death Company Chaplain.
  4. Lemartes

    Death Company Chaplain.
  5. Death Company

    This is my Death Company in all. They might be reconfigurated with magnetised backpacks/JP.
1-5 of 5 Results