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  1. 40k Rules Discussion
    Ok, I have read through the rules and I am unsure on this, if I were for example to use a Tau Firebase Support Cadre could I use the Farsight Enclaves supplement with it and give the Riptide Earth Caste Pilot Array? :scratchhead: So basically can you combine a supplement and a dataslate and how...
  2. Eldar Army Lists
    Iyanden Ghost Warriors 1855pts Iyanden Supplement: Spiritseer -The Wraithforge Stone :victory: Waithseer -D-cannon Wraithguard -D-scythes Wraithguard -D-scythes Ghost Warriors dataslate: Wraithguard Wraithblades -Ghost axe and forceshield...
1-2 of 2 Results