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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    Ok, like this isn't a much talked about topic for those who are wishing to expand on the Dark Vengeance set, be it Chaos Marines -OR- Dark Angels. Now that there have been some tacticas issued and things have been tested out, I'm looking to expand this Chapter into multiple points levels. Not...
  2. Trading Area
    Hey Community, I just recently moved to the states and soled all my Warhammer stuff in Europe... Now I'm starting again. I have all the Chaos parts from the Dark Vengeance box and would like to trade it for all the Dark Angels parts from that box. Im located in Simi Valley, CA. Wouldn't mind...
  3. Project Logs
    Okay so a little bit of background. I have been a 40K fan for about 18 years now and this started when my brother recieved a 2nd Edition boxed set for chistmas one year (Orks & Space Marines I believe), one look and that as they say was that. I managed to get together a small Eldar force and...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi folks! New to the community and new to WH 40k. Having looked at the game and reading the novels for years my brother-in-law and I finally decided to split The Dark Vengeance box. So any advice on tactics, army build is most welcome.
  5. Space Marine Army Lists
    Well, I'm revisiting this idea since it was deleted from the incident with the hacker. Anyway, I'm planning on building a Dark Angels force using the minis from the DV set as a basis. I'm wanting to use this as a no brainer go to for the 1,500 monthly game I play with friends. So, let's take a...
1-5 of 5 Results