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  1. Dark Elves Army Lists
    Hi Guys I am building a new army after 8 years out of the game! It has been a while so I was hoping to get feedback on my proposed Eternity King list of 2500 points. The theme is a dark elf hunting party that will allow wood elves to join them due to their prowess as hunters but still hate...
  2. Dark Elves Army Lists
    An interesting Themed list. A Monster-hunting expedition in the ancient lands of Naggaroth. All mounted fast cav and/or Chariots/flyers. Anyone think this would be Competitive? I think not, but would be fun to paint and play. C and C welcome. LORDS High Beastmaster Manticore...
  3. Warhammer Rules Discussion
    I have been playing a few games of Warhammer with my dwarves against a friend's dark elves and have not one a single game. This is due in no small part to the fact that dark riders have prevented me from firing a single artillery shot in several games. I understand that the free reform rule...
  4. Dark Elf Warrior Champion

    Here's a close up of the Dark Elf Warrior Champion. I decided I wanted him to stand out that bit more, so painted his shield emblem gold as I do for my Dreadlord and eventually my Cold One Knights. I also painted part of his helmet gold. I figure a unit Champion has seen many battles and would have
  5. Dark Elf Warrior Command with Dreadlord and Assassin

    Here's a group show of my Dark Elf Warrior Command group, with the Dreadlord and Assassin.
  6. Dark Elf Warriors with Dreadlord

    Here's a close up shot of my Dreadlord. Watch out for him in the Pit Fighter forum... That's a rather nasty Obsidian blade he wields! I tried a new technique on his cloak: painted a green/turquoise shade, lots of green, blue and purple washes. I also used metallic medium mixed in with some of the g
  7. Dark Elf Warriors with Assassin

    Hurien just about to make his move!
  8. Dark Elf Warriors with Assassin

    Here's my Assassin, Hurien, making his move from the unit of Dark Elf Warriors he hid in.
  9. Dark Elf Warriors with Dreadlord

    A unit of Dark Elf Warriors with a Dreadlord. Entered this unit into the Themed Painting Contest, winning second place!
  10. Hurien Lifetaker - Assassin

    A rear view of my Assassin.
  11. Hurien Lifetaker - Assassin

    Here's the first of my 3 Assassins, who I've also entered into the Pit Fighter competition on these very boards. I thought he was a Shade, until I realised he lacked the ear tassels and his weaponry was dramatically different!
  12. Shade

    Another angle of the Dark Elf Shade.
  13. Shade

    A photo of a Dark Elf Shade. Only missing the snow and grass from it's base.
  14. Painting Warriors - a Progression

    Here's a WIP progression shot of how I painted my warriors. Bases have now changed to black rim, gravel on top with some snow and grassy crops.
1-14 of 14 Results