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dark eldar
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  1. Modelling and Painting
    Hi all! Two kneeling slavegirls sculpted by me. 28 mm, resin casting.
  2. Dark Eldar Army Lists
    I'm looking to build a list that's competitive but not broken. I've got a couple ideas so far. First is probably the more fun of the two lists. Haemon w/Liq-60 5x Warriors w/Blaster in Venom w/SC-125 5x Warriors w/Blaster in Venom w/SC-125 6x Reavers w/CCx2.HLx2-196 6x Reavers w/CCx2.HLx2-196...
  3. 40k Battle Reports
    Got in a battle with my Tyranids taking on some Dark Eldar. Hope you all enjoy, and subscribe please! vegngnVsx3Q
  4. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another match in, this time Dark Eldar are taking on the Eldar. 6H-7iGIK9Wo
  5. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we had two matches with Eldar and Astra Militarum the other day. Hope you all enjoy. Round 1 AcKcLsdPLdI Round 2 OEYBrp1TpkA
  6. Eldar Army Lists
    Triforce 1750pts Main Detachment: Eldar Farseer -Shard of Anaris -Eldar jetbike Farseer -Singing spear -Eldar jetbike Warlock Council -8 Warlock -8 Eldar jetbikes -8 Singing spears Windrider Jetbike Squad -3 Windrider Guardians -Shuriken cannon...
  7. 40k Battle Reports
    Jason came over for a game last night. He did not bring his Zombies, rather his Fateweaver flying circus list with chaos space marine allies! I was in for quite the game. Who will be the last one left standing? If you prefer VIDEO then scroll to the bottom for the video batrep. Mission? - 6...
  8. Dark Eldar Army Lists
    Hi everyone, I am new to the Warhammer 40k table top game and community, I did the silly thing of buying a bunch of cool looking models without considering any starts :< Currently I have: Urien Rakarth (he looks so cool!) Haemonculus (looks really cool too) Mandrakes x5 (seems all new players...
  9. Trading Area
    ****UNITED STATES**** All models come with the original sprues, with all of the unused parts available, except for one of the Hammerheads. There are pieces to convert a chassis into a Skyray. The Riptides have their Heavy Burst cannons, heads, secondary weapons, etc.) All models are the...
  10. General 40k
    I have been researching into Dark Eldar recently thinking about starting up an army of them and I was looking up Baron Sathonyx on GW but noticed there is no model for him. Do ppl just kit bash a Hellion into a model of him? Or is there an actual model somewhere? Or one coming out in the future?
  11. Dark Eldar Army Lists
    I've used a slimmed down 750 point version of this list (Just the Infantry and Reavers from this list with a near naked Archon) and had HUGE success against both my Chaos Space Marine and Vanilla Marine buddie. However for our next game I am to be facing off against them both; 750 points for...
  12. Dark Eldar Army Lists
    Heres my first attempt at a DE All comers list that is also slightly themed for my back story and style. Duke Sliscus - 386 9X Kabalite Trueborn w/ 2 Splinter Cannons, Haywire Grenades Raider w/ Flickerfield, Night Shields, and Splinter Racks 10X Kabalite Warriors w/ Blaster and Splinter...
  13. Hellion WIP

    Dark Eldar Hellion.
  14. Dark Eldar Razorwing

    This is my converted Razorwing Flyer. It is equipped with two disintigrators and a splinter cannon. It was made using a fire prism and I plan on getting a proper stand for it as soon as possible. I hope you like the freehand, Lopspoon
  15. Dark Eldar Architecture

    This is a photo of some of my Dark Eldar having a fun little party on the roof of a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house. This was recently featured on Bell of Lost Souls as one a Wargaming Picture of the Day or something.
  16. Dark Eldar Raider

    The colour scheme for my new Dark Eldar army. I tried to add a somewhat runic design on the sides. I plan on painting some guys to be hanging off it once I can find a few more helmeted heads. C&amp;C Much Appreciated
  17. Kabal of Bloody Pleasure and Pain

    T'shara Wicked Dominatrix of pleasure and pain
21-40 of 40 Results