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  1. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    ok so this is my first post of an army. have spent a lot of time debating all this and finally decided to go away from my initial thoughts of ts because of the points cost per squad. so i have come back to my first thoughts of an army using khorne zerkers and such. please feel free to c&c. any...
  2. Trading Area
    Hello, I am currently selling this item over Ebay. It has taken me over 2 years to collect this army and has had a lot of time spent on it. They are painted at table-top standard with a few models in particular with pro painting, acquired online. I would like to know how much do you think the...
  3. 40k Tactics
    Hi there, new here to the forums and fairly new to the game. I've been playing for a few months now with the traitor marines, and I'm absolutely in love with them despite being on the weaker side of things this edition. But, what they lack in good choices across the board, they do have options...
  4. Houserules and Homebrews
    Alright, so, before we get started, let's do a preamble. Our codex sucks because GW is more interested in moving shiny new models than they are in actually making a balanced or fun game. We're here to make it so that our Codex doesn't suck quite as hard. I'd also like to make a few things...
  5. Project Logs
    My Army/Project Log – Chaos Space Marines So I’ve decided to start this fantastic hobby again. I first got into it in sixth (2000-2001) grade when a friend of mine talked to me about it, I specifically remember him hyping the Dreadnought to oblivion. It got me totally pumped so I begged my mom...
  6. Trading Area
    Hey folks, first time selling here but I have 5 successful sales on Dakka Dakka and 22 on Bartertown. I am looking to sell these as I have bills to pay. Looking to get ~50% of value for them but negotiations will work in your favor the more you buy. I am located in the southern U.S. and will...
  7. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    This is 950 points. I'm either going to throw in a rhino for the flaming havocs or cultists, or add a unit of 10 cultists. I also have a DP and a Huron, but I feel like the Lord is the best value. This is my first army BTW, I'm at 500 and I'm slowly building up to a goal. If i pick the rhino...
  8. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hi guys (and girls), I've recently discovered Vassal40k and as such was able to test the game with a friend who is actively playing 40k tabletop every week. We already played a few rounds with just killpoints and as such I know the basic rules of the game. Now I'm trying to find an army, that...
  9. 40k Tactics
    Everywhere on the internet people hate on the Thousand Sons, but I've been running them in 1500 point games and they have consistently been the MVPs. AP 3 and effective 30 inch range means a unit of ten takes 9 shots (sorcerer generally casts or pistol out of range), hits with six and wounds...
  10. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    For some reason this posted twice, I originally tried to post and it failed, must've just been extremely delayed.
  11. Chaos Daemon Army Lists
    I've recently succumbed to Chaos, and have turned away from my IG and GK army to Daemons with CSM allies. The main lure that pulled me into heresy was the randomness of the new Daemon codex, relating to the warp storm table, generating pysker powers, and rolling on the rewards table. This is my...
  12. General 40k
    Hi I am new to 40k and i have decided to use CSM Nurgle. I don't really have a great idea for an army list so i was hoping i could get some help. I already bought a set of Oblits a Daemon Prince and a set of Plague Marines so i would like an army list including these things. Of course a Nurgle...
  13. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hey guys, Just played out my first games with my new chaos army. It went really well. Both were against my friends blood angels army. The first one was a nail biter that I would have won if the game didn't go on and I won the second game hands down. I am really happy with the way all of the...
  14. Warhound Titan

    Now 75% complete.
  15. AlieNaught

    My dreadnaught conversion
  16. AlieNaught

    My Dreadnaught Conversion.
  17. AlieNaught

    This is my dreadnaught conversion!
  18. Terminator Champions of The Legion of Woog

    The 5 champs of the Legion of Woog. Need i say more?
  19. Terminator Champion of The Legion of Woog

    My favorite terminator champ
  20. Landraider of The Legion of Woog

    Another pic of my land raider
1-20 of 22 Results