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  1. Chaplain


    My HQ for my custom chapter the 'white ravens'
  2. Space Marine Army Lists
    Hello all, On December 8 I have an upcoming game of 2,250 points. Sounds like an odd mix, especially for my usual 1,500 point game I play each month. Here is the situation and scenario. Situation: this is a team game where it is 2 on 3. Myself and an Imperial Guard player are playing 2,250...
  3. Chaplain Itkinos

    Chaplain Itkinos

    This was the first member of the Soul Drinkers army that I am working on.
  4. Terminator chaplain

    Terminator chaplain

    Lazy Sunday afternoon terminator.
  5. Blood angels chaplain WIP #2

    Blood angels chaplain WIP #2

  6. Blood angels chaplain WIP

    Blood angels chaplain WIP

    coming close to the finished product.
  7. White Scars 2e

    White Scars 2e

  8. White Scars 2d

    White Scars 2d

  9. White Scars 2c

    White Scars 2c

  10. White Scars 2b

    White Scars 2b

  11. White Scars 2a

    White Scars 2a

  12. White Scars 2

    White Scars 2

    Chaplain with Jump Pack
  13. Chaplain Fritz close-up

    Chaplain Fritz close-up

    This is one of my favorite models. If you give a rating, please leave a comment explaining it and please make any criticism constructive, thank you.