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  1. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hi Im just starting out building an itc lists, ive played chaos for a few years and am looking for some help. the aim of the list is to have 2 big units at the back, a skulls and a landraider. with some fast things putting pressure on up front, i need to know what you guys think, maybe you can...
  2. Project Logs
    Hay all I started 40k in the days of rogue trader, some of my chaos warband date back to those heady days of Saturday afternoons in the local gw. Though I don't miss the smell. I got back in to it in the late days of fourth and all though I don't play as much as I like, I crack on. Recently I...
  3. Modelling and Painting
    So my Nurgle Biker Lord is going to have the Krueger setup. My question is, what's a good way to make the model not look awkward for having two oversized fists trying to ride a bike? I have plans to include the oop IW Warsmith backpack and use the servo arm for the PF, but I also have a...
  4. Nurgle terminator lord

    Nurgle terminator lord. Modified mace into a scythe to represent the plague bringer.
  5. Chaos Lord

    Here is another drawing I did, a chaos lord. Only the top left is actually shaded and whatnot, but if you like please rate and comment
1-5 of 5 Results