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  1. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Trying something new here and want some advice. Just picked up the Daemon codex a week ago and I am trying to put together a list that will be able to defeat SM, Necron and Tau armies in 1 on 1. Playing on thursday with some friends in a mock tourney and those are the races they are probably...
  2. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hello everyone, I my goal is to do a Slaanesh CSM army with Daemons Allies. I didn't bought the Slaanesh Mark for everyone (not usefull in every case) but I will paint all the army as the God of Pleasure colors. Here is the list: Daemons Allies: HQ: Keeper of Secrets (1#, 240 pts) . . 1...
  3. 40k Tactics
    I have not had a chance to play against the new Demons codex. Can anyone who plays Space Wolves give me a run down of what I need to watch for. Does the stock Rune Priest, Grey Hunters, Long Fangs with extras thrown in still do well against them? Does one god seem to be more popular than...
1-3 of 3 Results