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  1. Chapter Champion

    Chapter Champion

    Lucius has combated the many forms of chaos for centuries. His cloak is held aloft by two cherubs while he carries two blades to punish his enemies with
  2. BloodKine minotaur. (frontal)

    BloodKine minotaur. (frontal)

    again, the bloodkine minotaur. skin is 4 coats of dark grey drybrush + wash. repeated. Better pictures soon.
  3. BloodKine minotaur.

    BloodKine minotaur.

    Here's the "bloodkine" from the minotaur unit (a champion). He can serve as a "Doombull"/Gorebull until I get the metal model painted. I painted him with MANY coats of drybrush dark greys + badab black wash. Repeat step 4 times on skin. Not the best lighting. (Gor BSB fo
  4. Chaos Knight Champion (2)

    Chaos Knight Champion (2)

    Another view of my Knight Champion.
  5. Chaos Knight Champion

    Chaos Knight Champion

    Here is one of my Chaos Knight Champions
  6. Chaos Battle Sorceror Back

    Chaos Battle Sorceror Back

    Another shot of my Battle Sorceror.
  7. Chaos Battle Sorceror Front

    Chaos Battle Sorceror Front

    Here is my Chaos Baattle Sorceror, this year's GD mini.
  8. Dark Elf Warrior Champion

    Dark Elf Warrior Champion

    Here's a close up of the Dark Elf Warrior Champion. I decided I wanted him to stand out that bit more, so painted his shield emblem gold as I do for my Dreadlord and eventually my Cold One Knights. I also painted part of his helmet gold. I figure a unit Champion has seen many battles and would have
  9. Dark Elf Warrior Command with Dreadlord and Assassin

    Dark Elf Warrior Command with Dreadlord and Assassin

    Here's a group show of my Dark Elf Warrior Command group, with the Dreadlord and Assassin.