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  1. Warhammer Fluff
    Why are you here? Mortal, birthed in pain and blood. Plaything of capricious gods. Mortal, raised on hardship and toil. Worshipper and sacrificer. Mortal, doomed to strife and wasting death. Bloodstained priest and screaming victim. Know that all the world is an altar of death, ever yearning for...
  2. General Warhammer
    Oxymandias over on Chaos Dwarfs Online has laboured lovingly to craft a webzine to touch on some highlights in the world of short, angry and bearded slavers during the anno horribilis of 2020. Check out the first issue of Brazen Bulletin if you like, but watch out for big hats! :) The Brazen...
  3. General Warhammer
    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever compilation of official Chaos Dwarf miniature developments through the ages! This overview of Games Workshop and Forgeworld's various iterations of Chaos Dwarfs will take you from the very beginnings up to the present day (April 2019), and...
1-3 of 3 Results