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  1. 40k Army Lists
    Used the Catachan 3rd Edition to create a army list and am making an attempt to translate it to 7th edition. Any feedback to make the list more efficient or accurate to "Death World Veterans" armies is welcome. Catachan 2nd "Green Vipers" Regiment (3rd Edition Catachan Codex) HQ- DWV...
  2. Wargaming News and 40k Rumors
    Male Jungle Fighters bitz bitz for heroic 28 mm scale miniatures, resin casting. Designed and casted by Brother Vinni's studio. Heads. Two sets, 5 heads in set: Hands with rifles, 5 pairs: Torsos: Legs: Ammo:
  3. Wargaming News and 40k Rumors
    Hi all! Jungle fighters. First set of "Female Brigade" 5 models in box. Heroic 28 mm scale, resin casting. Miniature designed and casted by Brother Vinni's studio.
  4. General 40k
    I'm getting back into the hobby after almost 20 years away and am really getting into the building of a true to fluff Catachan Regiments. I have established the 2nd Catachan "Devils" in the past week as my first army and am really getting more into the lore of the Deathworld. We all know that...
  5. 40k Rules Discussion
    I know Vendettas cannot carry Ogryns BUT if Nork is part of a HQ as a bodyguard can he be transported? Thanks in advance!
  6. 40k Rules Discussion
    I am coming back to 40k after taking a long, almost 20 year break. I stopped playing around the time that Imperial Guard Codexes and models were coming out and I want to go back to fielding an Imp army. My question is is the Catachan Codex, published before the newest Imperial Guard Codex...
1-6 of 6 Results