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  1. 40k Army Lists
    Used the Catachan 3rd Edition to create a army list and am making an attempt to translate it to 7th edition. Any feedback to make the list more efficient or accurate to "Death World Veterans" armies is welcome. Catachan 2nd "Green Vipers" Regiment (3rd Edition Catachan Codex) HQ- DWV...
  2. Project Logs
    Well I'm coming back after almost 20 years away from the game. I ordered a 1500 point full Catachan Army, yes an unopened old one with the cigar smoking LTs, and expect it any day now. I started getting back into the swing of things painting a HQ to try and find a paint scheme other than camo...
  3. 40k Fluff
    So I've come back from an almost 20 year break, when I was younger I played Catachan Imps and use to paint them orange, because it was the color that I could best finish probably. Now that I'm older, with better sense of color and muscle control I am starting another Catachan II Regiment...
1-3 of 3 Results