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  1. Modelling and Painting
    Title pretty much says it all. I bought the Tyranid Swarm box, and just glued the Carnifex. I wanted to give it two pairs of twin-linked devourers, but the sprues only had one pair, so i glued the other pair as Deathspitters, which I intend to proxy as devourers. Not a big deal, but it's still...
  2. Carnifex

    my first Carnifex =)
  3. Left side of My Carnifex

    the beginings of my Nids army, the carnifex was the model I wanted to paint most, which I did paint second, only because I used one of my genestealers to see if I liked the paintscheme on what is going to be the base of my army, which i did, so I implimented how I wanted it to look on my fex, and I
1-3 of 3 Results