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  1. Modelling and Painting
    I bought a second Overkill box, partially to expand the models I had for my genestealer cult and partly to add a small kill team to my Red Coyotes marine chapter. Naturally this left me with models I cannot use. The Magus and Primus are one offs, and I had no use for five of the marines. I...
  2. Genestealer Broodlord

    Repainted the flesh today and did some touchups. I didn't like the first photo.
  3. Kerrigan; Queen of Blades

    A friend stopped me one day and told me they would pay through the nose and also start a Tyranid army if I was able to produce for them a Kerrigan Model. So I did. That is about two weeks worth of work (actually only a few hours here and there, but when you work for a living, then the projects jus
1-3 of 3 Results