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  1. Black Library Book Reviews
    CL Werner 'Dead Winter' Review Now let me start off by saying that I consider myself professional in my reviews. I would never scathe for the sake of scathing, it is rude and disrespectful to an author who has put a lot of hard work into their product. I almost dislike being negative about a...
  2. Chaplain


    My HQ for my custom chapter the 'white ravens'
  3. Orcs and Goblins Army Lists
    So i have been debating between two builds (altho i am open minded and any custom builds you would suggest are more than welcome.) basicaly using up the entire magic points allowance. Ogre blade, dragon helm, shield or Sword of Strife, dragon helm, shield Basicaly it comes down to what is...
  4. Tutorial Requests
    I have looked everywhere i can think of but have yet to find a tutorial on how to paint black orc armor. Yes i have seen black armor tutorials but mainly for stuff like space marines and the like. Black orcs are obviously bery different beings with a very different look. Im looking for a metalic...
  5. Modelling and Painting
    So i wanted to get me a bice big block o' blorcs. Specificaly Grimgor and his Immortulz. I would say i am a slightly above average painter, but i am not well versed in many techniques. With some practice i can definitly improve on what i have yet to learn. I want this unit to be fluffy, as in...
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