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black templars

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  2. Space Marine Army Lists
    First of all, Hi, this is my first proper attempt at a black Templars army, and any feedback is definitely welcome. What I was most concerned about with this army is its low number of scoring units and lack of anti-tank, and I am wondering if taking 3 land-raiders might be (cool) a bit...
  3. Project Logs
    IDEA So, I've been a long time planning this idea, and even managed to build a couple of the units for it, but thought I'd run through my Project as I recently decided to expand this Squad. So, those Black Templar's amongst us are aware that Helbrecht has a ruling that allows him to take a...
  4. Black Templar Terminator Squad

    Black Templar Terminator Squad

    2 Cyclones and a chainfist = fun.
  5. Angels of Death - Legs

    Angels of Death - Legs

    Concept for 'Angels of Death'. Sanguinary legs with all Blood Angels charms removed.
  6. Black Templar Combat Squad

    Black Templar Combat Squad

    Here is a small sample of my Black Templar Tactical Marines.
  7. Castellan Maximus of the Gabriel Crusade Rear

    Castellan Maximus of the Gabriel Crusade Rear

    This is just a rear shot of my Lysander conversion.
  8. Castellan Maximus of the Gabriel Crusade

    Castellan Maximus of the Gabriel Crusade

    This is my Lysander conversion. Castellan (More commonly referred to as Sir) Regonald Eugene Florence Maximus.
  9. High Marshall Helbrecht

    High Marshall Helbrecht

    Black Templars Hero Of Armageddon High Marshall Helbrecht
  10. Brother Jakmul

    Brother Jakmul

    Black Templars Sword Brethren Brother Jakmul
  11. Brother Kotan

    Brother Kotan

    Black Templars Sword Bretheren Brother Kotan
  12. Black Templars Sword Bretheren

    Black Templars Sword Bretheren

    My five black templars sword bretheren
  13. Marshall Tensor

    Marshall Tensor

    Black Templars Marshall
  14. Black templars standart bearer

    Black templars standart bearer

    black templars standart,build at C: armageddon
  15. black templars dread 2

    black templars dread 2

    2nd dread amidst his brothers
  16. black templars assault

    black templars assault

    assault squad,termies and bikes
  17. Black templars command

    Black templars command

    BT command and troops
  18. black templars dread+landspeeders

    black templars dread+landspeeders

    BT close on dread,landspeeders,some brethren
  19. black templars side view

    black templars side view

    black templars,C:armageddon+C: BT
  20. SM templar veteran

    SM templar veteran