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  1. Cyclone Missile Launcher

    Black Templar terminator with a cyclone missile launcher.
  2. Black Templar "Icarus" Rhino

    just another shot of my WIP for Cole's Black Templar army
  3. Black Templar "Icarus" Rhino

    Just a spur of the moment thing I did for my Boyfriend, Cole. Not done yet... just a WIP
  4. my black templar army so far

    have some more infantry i didnt quite catch in the picture, wasnt using the best camera, but im gonna put up pics of the individual models in other show cases later for a better look. my army right now is almost complete infantry wise. i have some more terminators and assault marines to paint though
  5. Black Templars ready for battle

    Made this desktop background last week when i finally managed to reinstall the drawing program. 4 hour render, so in the meantime i painted my black templar army.
1-5 of 5 Results