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  1. Project Logs
    My Army/Project Log – Chaos Space Marines So I’ve decided to start this fantastic hobby again. I first got into it in sixth (2000-2001) grade when a friend of mine talked to me about it, I specifically remember him hyping the Dreadnought to oblivion. It got me totally pumped so I begged my mom...
  2. Project Logs
    An Introduction ~ Part 1 It came from the frozen northern Chaos wastes… Canada, that is. Welcome to this first in a long line of Text-&-Picture-Walls. (I tend to ramble sometimes, in a good way, with lots of nice photos.) Welcome to my muse, my passion, my obsession… my insanity. The Dark Gods...
  3. Black Legion CSM

    Just an average Black Legion trooper.
  4. Slaanesh Aspiring Champion

    This aspiring champion recently joined the Black Legion, but still retains the mark of Slaanesh.
  5. An Abomination leads the Black Legion into the fray

    I've tried to capture the feel of a possessed, twisted & pain wracked abomination leading the Black Legion into battle. I used the kit bash to give a possessed machine feel like the obliterators but with a frightening array of weaponry and in a higher state of possession.
  6. Death to the false emperor

    During the Black Crusades Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Slaanesh join the Black Legion to bring death to the false emperor
  7. Slaanesh squad with rhino

    I really like the idea of the Black Legion being made up of lots of warbands sharing a common purpose to destroy the Imperium but maintaining their own armour and beliefs. The squad are adherents of Slaanesh and have the Black Legion icon on their shoulder pads.
  8. Competed Bitz Project

    Another view of my Black Legion Aspiring Champion
1-8 of 8 Results