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  1. 40k Rules Discussion
    Ok. I need help on judging the rules for something specific. In the crusade rules, it says that once you select something for a unit (Psychic powers, warlord traits, relics, ect.) it must be noted on your crusade force/card and cannot be changed without spending RP to do so. Does this apply to...
  2. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hi all, Some time ago I started planning an Iron Warriors list with some IA13 Renegades.... As I approach the end of painting my 15k Black Templars I have been hoarding as much chaos as possible in order to slowly build some fluff based armies.... So far I have amassed a large amount of old...
  3. Roleplay Games
    we play every monday night at 9pm EST (keep in mind that we set our clocks back an hour this sunday) till midnightish (usually ends up closer to 1am) using maptools 1.87 and skype. we play all settings in the line by fantasy flight games (and possibly even warhammer fantasy 2nd ed) in...
1-3 of 3 Results