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  1. Converting, Modelling and Green Stuff
    Here's a tutorial on how I built my Quad Attack Bike. The front suspension construction is the same as the external tutorial extracted by Cypher871 but I decided to add a second Blood Claw gunner on the back to count-as an Attack Bike (á la Halo Warthog style!). What you need to build this are...
  2. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Hi, This is my first list on here since getting back into 40k, it's meant to be fluffy and fun (but I guess I would prefer not to be tabled every game. ) It's a melee-only list, I won't even be shooting the guns I can't swap out because what's the point of spilling someone's blood if you can't...
  3. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    So I've just started getting back into warhammer after a 3 year hiatus so go easy on me :P Chaos 1000 points HQ Chaos lord Bike Lightning claw Mark of nurgle 115 8 chaos space marines Mark of nurgle Meltagun Rhino 180 10 chaos space marines 2 flamers Mark of nurgle Meltabombs 9 ccw Rhino...
1-4 of 4 Results