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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Out Now On Youtube 😊. Necrons Vs Drukhari. 2000pts.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Bunch of Aussies here producing battle report videos like never before. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality creative videos for all 40k fans. Keep an eye out for our posts here or feel free to check our Youtube channel and subscribe here. https://youtube.com/c/LegendsLore...
  3. 40k Battle Reports
    Jason came over for a game last night. He did not bring his Zombies, rather his Fateweaver flying circus list with chaos space marine allies! I was in for quite the game. Who will be the last one left standing? If you prefer VIDEO then scroll to the bottom for the video batrep. Mission? - 6...
  4. 40k Battle Reports
    Welcome to another skaredcast battle report. Enjoy this fast paced and action packed report. :D The Eldar Warhost: * Jain-Zar * 9 Banshies (exarch, powerglaive thing) * WaveSerpent TL Bright Lance, Cannon, Holofield * 10 Dire Avengers (exarch, power spear, shimmershield, disarming strike) *...
1-5 of 5 Results