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  1. eBay Listings
    Trying to clear out some unfinished, or started at all for that matter, army projects. First on the chopping board is a Necron Megaforce: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181459330995 No reserve, free postage.
  2. Space Marine Army Lists
    Okay so i currently have the space wolves battle force but i am finding it very hard to create a list that pleases me but this is what i have got so far.I am planning on buying the two HQ's and another space wolves pack to make the wolf guard and the blood claws HQ:Logan Grimnar (275) Rune...
  3. Space Marine Army Lists
    Im getting the space wolves battle force for xmas :D cannot wait,and i decided to make this list,im also getting Njal Stormcaller for my HQ.My friend is getting blood angels so that is what ill be up against,plus i found an old Space Marine painted him up and gonna convert him to a lone wolf...
  4. Falcon Tank

    Falcon Tank

  5. Eldar Battleforce(HiRes)

    Eldar Battleforce(HiRes)

  6. Eldar Battleforce(LoRes)

    Eldar Battleforce(LoRes)