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  1. eBay Listings
    Hi Guys, please see below for my Ebay sale of a Large Chaos Battlefleet Gothic fleet. Thanks for looking, happy bidding!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281113006254
  2. Battlefleet gothic battle

    This is the huge battle we had just before I left to go to Oz
  3. BFG Repulsive class grand cruiser

    #CLASSIFIED INFORMATION# #ALPHA LEVEL CLEARANCE REQUIRED# #PASSWORD ******************# #PROCESSING..........# #ACCESS GRANTED# #Contact 00678, unknown vessel# #WARNING UNAUTHORIZED OUTSIDE ACCESS DETECTED# #SHUTTING DOWN SYSTEM# ................................... (actually named the Pitiless)
  4. BFG Cobra class destroyers

    Cobra recon squadron 415 "hellcats" currently on patrol around Armania Prime, main planet of the armania system and central to the praxis corridor
  5. BFG Firestorm class escorts

    Firestorm class escorts attached to 225 squadron, currently undergoing refits to there lance armament, not the silver eagle on the prows usually reserved for cruisers compared to the usual white for escorts, the two ships were awarded these prows for the actions at station 316 in the far south of th
  6. BFG Dauntless Light cruiser

    The Dauntless class Light cruiser ANF Allegiance, recently very active against pirates in the south east quarter of the Praxis corridor, accounting for 6 pirate escorts of varying classes and a small pirate asteroid hideout, its intelligence gathering however has uncovered disturbing power signals i
  7. BFG Sword Class Escorts

    225 Squadron, a small squadron of sword class destroyers is at this moment returning from the furthest parts of the Praxis corridor escorting a small ship, details of the vessel are restricted as are the occupants.
  8. BFG Jovian Class Battlecruiser

    A rare sight amongst imperial fleets is the Jovian class Battlecruiser, Armania is blessed with 2 such hips, this one the ANF Hopeful is relegated to training duties at the moment, teaching up and coming new officers the finer points of carrier duties, but before this she has had a so far short but
  9. BFG Dominator Class Cruiser

    Another one of the oldest ships in the Armanian navy is the ANF Fair Weather a dominator class cruiser, at the moment undergoing refits after a severe ship wide power failure several months ago in the middle of an anti pirate mission, this failure lead to the destruction and capture of 3 imperial tr
  10. BFG Lunar Class Cruiser

    One of the oldest vessels in the ANF is the Lunar class cruiser ANF Forward Unto Dawn, this vessel under the command of Captain Augustus Rhinefelt was involved in heavy pirate activity several years ago when a space wolf convoy was attacked by a large pirate force, including 2 Slaughter class cruise
  11. BFG Gothic Class Cruiser

    Gothic class cruiser and newest cruiser addition to the Armanian Naval Forces ANF Two for Flinching
1-13 of 14 Results