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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey all, we are back for a rematch of the Ultramarines and Salamanders. The last match was a nail biter right down to end of the game, so if you missed that one, be sure to take a look at the channel. This rematch definitely kept the same energy alive which made for a great game. Be sure to...
  2. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, its time for another battle report! With both the Ultramarines and Salamanders failing to stop the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ghidra, their respective commanders have setup a training simulation to develop their skills. These two respected Chapters face off in a battle to discover...
  3. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another battle report. My Ultramarines make a return to the channel with my wife commanding the army. She has only played 40k a handful of times and had me coach her through the engagement. It was a very exciting battle and she did very well! It was a great way for...
  4. 40k Battle Reports
    The Super Tyrant list returns with some slight modifications. I tried adding in a Mawloc and x2 Lictors into the list to see how they could perform with secondary objectives/distraction from my main force. The Salamanders force made some adjustments from the previous list and are looking to...
  5. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another Battle Report. Just in time to kick off your Saturday morning with another rematch with the Tyranids and Salamanders. This time I brought a Prime/Warrior centered list. I planb on building upon the list and seeing how a Levi list compares to running them as...
  6. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone! Back for another battle report with a mission from the GT 2020 pack. This time I tryout a Super Flyrant Behemoth build supported by a Kronos Patrol. I also tried switching up the typical Neurothrope HQ for the patrol with a Broodlord. I was curious of the melee offensive power vs...
  7. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another report! This time we upped the points to 2000 and are using the new board dimensions. This was one of the closest matches we have had on the channel. Let me know what you think and I would really appreciate it if you dropped a sub. Tyranids Vs...
  8. 40k Battle Reports
    We're back with the next mission from the BRB Eternal War pack. This time I tried to bring a few not so common units/loadouts with the Tyranids. It was a great back and forth battle with some crazy and hilarious events! Be sure to subscribe and show some support! On the road to 1000 subs...
  9. 40k Battle Reports
    The Tyranid and Salamander clash rages on! The Leviathan fleet receives reinforcements from a Kronos Patrol while the Salamanders reorganize and change up their force to take the Tyranids down once and for all. I've added in army lists to the video and video description. Still working on...
  10. 40k Battle Reports
    We're back for a rematch! I switched up my list to tryout a Leviathan list using a dual Acid Fex. Fixed up some camera issues so it is much more clear and easier to follow along with. Please let me know what you think, and a subscribe would mean a lot! Lastly, if you notice any rule errors...
  11. 40k Battle Reports
    Basement Batreps - **Tourney #2 - Round 1** Hey all, my gaming group and I did a little tournament between ourselves. It was a double round robin tournament and was a ton of fun. The matches were tight and were extremely exciting. I really hope you will all enjoy them. Army Lists & Tournament...
  12. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another game in, with it being the first to feature my new Lictors and Deathleaper. Was a tense match with no real sign of who would be the victor. Really enjoyed how it played out and hope you all like it. Enjoy, Tyranids Vs Astra Militarum 1750 Pts Cloak and Shadows watch?v=k0TfIbWoub8
  13. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey all, we got another batrep for you all. A classic match up on our channel of Tyranids Vs Astra Militarum. Hope you all enjoy, and please subscribe and share if you enjoy our content. Thanks for watching. Tyranids Vs Astra Militarum 1500 Pts Contact Lost watch?v=jFn6Kz_Kpss
  14. 40k Battle Reports
    Got a battle in against a full force of Wolves. Lots and lots of Wolves. It was a fun match with some crazy combats too! Enjoy, Tyranids Vs Space Wolves Tactical Escalation 1750 Pts watch?v=cZrMVAac3WE
  15. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another battle in to share with you all. My friend used my Tyranids while I played the Ultramarines. It was a fun match with a few tense moments that swung the game back and forth. Enjoy! Tyranids Vs Ultramarines 1750 Pts Purge the Alien watch?v=HQmTVW8rzAY
  16. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another battle in for you all. It is a rematch for us with the Dark Eldar now being used as the primary army with Eldar as their allies. Enjoy, Tyranids Vs Dark Eldar 1750 Pts The Relic watch?v=RkiNuNr8sM4
  17. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another battle in for you all. The Eldar take on the Tyranids once again! Please share and subscribe if you enjoy our content. Tyranids Vs Eldar 1750 Pts Crusade watch?v=V8bRm8DjjCE
  18. 40k Battle Reports
    Got another battle report in with my Tyranids taking on the dreaded Dark Eldar! Enjoy and subscribe :). Tyranids Vs Dark Eldar 1750 Pts The Relic watch?v=H_L5tFBux5A
  19. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another battle in. My buddies SW and Astra take on my Tyranids. This is a double feature batrep with the first time the Wolves have been used on the channel. Enjoy! Tyranids Vs Space Wolves/Astra Militarum (Double Feature) 550 Pts/1750 Pts Scouring/Rescue Mission...
1-19 of 46 Results