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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey All, Got another batrep in for you, with the Ultramarines returning to try and take on the Dark Eldar once again. Hope you enjoy, and appreciate all of the feedback! Ultramarines Vs Dark Eldar 1750 Pts Crusade watch?v=hvpjF7WT_e4
  2. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another battle in for you all! This time we have a very different style of DE list taking on some Tau. We did do some minor proxying as we don't have a few DE units yet, but we soon will! Thanks for watching, and enjoy! Tau Vs Dark Eldar 1700 Pts Emperors Will...
  3. 40k Battle Reports
    Got in another battle with my freshly painted Ultramarines! My brother used his Eldar, which resulted in a tight match with a lot of epic moments. Enjoy! Don't forget to checkout the rest of our channel and subscribe if you enjoy our style of batreps :). Ultramarines Vs Eldar 1250 Pts...
1-3 of 3 Results