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  1. 40k Tactics
    Having big issues with characters being instantly deleted whenever against anyone using the vindicare assassins or the GSC sanctus with a relic. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with these? I primarily use heretic astartes but also include daemons from time to time. These hurt the...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey, My name is Adric and I am in Denmark. (what other details do you want? 34 yo, gay man, married, no kids (Yuck), size 42 feet, live in an apartment on the 6th floor and 14cm cock). I am looking for an easy first game to pick up and play for a group of young adults (18-25yrs). I am a...
  3. General 40k
    My friends and I have spent the last month writing and perfecting the rules to a new game we have created. It is called Assassins of the Dark Millenium (you may have guessed by the title), and is a continous, stealth based rpg game where a single operative attempts to complete objectives while...
  4. Dark Elf Warrior Command with Dreadlord and Assassin

    Here's a group show of my Dark Elf Warrior Command group, with the Dreadlord and Assassin.
  5. Dark Elf Warriors with Assassin

    Hurien just about to make his move!
  6. Dark Elf Warriors with Assassin

    Here's my Assassin, Hurien, making his move from the unit of Dark Elf Warriors he hid in.
  7. noob

    this my first time
  8. Hurien Lifetaker - Assassin

    A rear view of my Assassin.
  9. Hurien Lifetaker - Assassin

    Here's the first of my 3 Assassins, who I've also entered into the Pit Fighter competition on these very boards. I thought he was a Shade, until I realised he lacked the ear tassels and his weaponry was dramatically different!
1-10 of 10 Results