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  1. Custom 40k Scenarios
    Primary Forces Loyalist Legions Imperial Fists (Warmaster; slight changes) Ultramarines (slight changes) Dark Angels (slight changes) Emperor's Children (Praetorian) Huntsmen of Tzorra (custom legion; Praetorian) Iron Hands (slight changes) Dominion Legions Salamanders (slight changes)...
  2. Horus Heresy
    I've taken the dive into building my own 30K AU, all original Primarchs and Legions, and have a Discord set up where it's being discussed and critiqued. If anyone is interested, give me a DM for a link.
  3. Homebrew 40k Fluff
    So this is another take on an alternate heresy, where the main differences are that the Legions and their Primarch's are completely different, and the Chaos Gods are different. It's be interesting to see feedback on what I've got so far. Part 1 Among the Ashes A few hours ago this was but a...
1-3 of 4 Results