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  1. Modelling and Painting
    Hi there. I've been using army painter spray and was wondering if anyone can help comment on this texture that I keep getting. Is it caused by the spray or maybe my painting? That's black undercoat, with GW gold paint then blood angels contrast paint. Cheers warriors!
  2. Xenos Tactics
    I'd like to talk about the basics from where to start assembling a list for pure Dark Eldar (master race) lists. I see a lot of newby DE players asking for help in listbuilding and falling in what i think are small traps laid by the codex itself. I'll try a simple and wide approach from where...
  3. Modelling and Painting
    Hey guys I've just started warhammer 40k and was wondering about highlighting. This is my 3rd DA Assault Marine, so is the highlighting good or? Also the model is no where near done, only the arm. All Feedback is appreciated! :) Cheers, Chris.
  4. New Member Introductions
    (i posted this in the grey knights army list section before checking my messages and realizing i should have posted it here) But hello everyone, I've been skimming over a bunch of blogs the past week or so and decided I'd join this one. Thanks for having me and I hope with time and experience I...
  5. Grey Knights Army Lists
    Alright so I'm looking to start a Grey Knights army. It's in the works, I just bought 2 terminator squads as well as a grey knight squad. Now my questions are... 1.) I was looking into the whole Coteaz and henchmen idea, and I think I may go that route. However Deathcult Assassins are pretty...
1-5 of 6 Results