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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    Hai. This is a current draft for a tournament I'm doing in November, and hence, needs to be able to face all comers. Phaeris will be the Warlord, getting Master of Ambush automatically. Current plan is for Skjald to use the Tempestas discipline, which will grant him Living Lightning...
  2. Eldar Army Lists
    Mainly play pretty casually but i plan on entering a couple tourneys this year. thank you for the ideas and comments in advance :grin: HQ: Autarch on Jetbike w/ Laser lance, Mantle, and Banshee Mask. Farseer on Jetbike w/ Singing Spear Warlock Council on Bikes x4 w/ 2x singing spears...
  3. Chaos Daemon Army Lists
    I've recently succumbed to Chaos, and have turned away from my IG and GK army to Daemons with CSM allies. The main lure that pulled me into heresy was the randomness of the new Daemon codex, relating to the warp storm table, generating pysker powers, and rolling on the rewards table. This is my...
1-3 of 3 Results