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Thanks for the compliment on the double tracks, rough ter. mod. especialy good to the desert sands (low ground pressure). Every vehicle in my army has or will have double tracks and track guards to cover the tops so I don't have to buy a whole lot of track sprues.

The Plasma cannon comes with a story. When I bought the model there was only half the lascannon on the sprue. When I call customer service they said it was impossible the it was missing and couldn't send me a new one anyways, as it was a small part on a big sprue. (not complaining, they were cool about and always went out of their way to solve other issues I had). So I thought a PC (i love plasma weap. & ACs) would look cool, bought a SM devestator (old one with the PC over the shoulder), trimed out the SM parts and mounted it on my Leman Russ. I always ask my oppenent and either pay extra pts. to use it or just say i'll use it as a lascannon.

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