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War Walker Aka Peace Maker

War Walker Aka Peace Maker

Converted Walker. Entered in local National Painting competition and won (diorama).

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Great job man, that thing is really cool. It has a lot of character. I'd be proud to have it sitting on my shelf, even though it is Eldar. My only C&C for you is, it's very monotone, but all of the detail you put into it is just beautiful.

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I was figuring out what a alien camo effect would look like. In the end I thought either way, whatever planet they go to is gonna get blown to s**t. So a kinda burnt colour. The pattern was inspired by the idea of spreading alot of blood and it would trickle down the armour. Yeah I know it's abit monotone (that's why there's what I call my 'blood-vein' pattern, look close) And I didn't really want a prototype to be a easily visable target. Pain to photograph! There's magnets in the feet and it's 'willy' gun is magnetized - scatter/missle option. Wing/rear view mirrors have mirror card in them. Weapons, head, legs can move. Torso can twist abit but it collides with other body parts. It's cab/seat section has been seperated from the body unit - I gave it 'neck' so it can (a bit) twist it's head around like a T-Rex. Interior around pilot's feet have painted buttons/dials. Gave it beeter feet - got rid of those high heels!....it goes on....

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