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Ultramarine Dreadnought

Ultramarine Dreadnought

I didn't realise just how much I had actually slopped up until I saw the photos on the comp'.

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I'm fairly new to Warhammer, a friend loaned me The Horus Heresy novels which after reading, inspired me to buy a few miniatures to paint. I purchased my first space marine squad 3 months ago, followed by an apothecary and a few other pieces. The dreadnought came out much better than the other miniatures I've painted so far but hopefully they will begin to improve with practice.

One particular area I always seem to goof up on is with the application of decals. The Ultramarine 'omega' chapter symbol I've been applying to space marines shoulder pads, also looks creased over the curved surface leaving small 'ripples' at the edges. Also they look glossy. Any tips would be appreciated.


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