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Tzzentch Biker Champion III, Front Shot

Tzzentch Biker Champion III, Front Shot

The third and final picture of my unfinished Biker Champion, this time a frontal shot showing the conversion done to the bike itself.

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Just giving some friendly advice you might find helpful. Buy some filers or miniature scalpel to remove the lumpy bits or the pieces wont stick together firmly leaving it looking shoddy. Dirge caster is interesting though not Legal in the rules, but I'm sure its just for looks. (not sure if you can tank shock with bike for it to be useful anyways) You would be better off using the actual Tzeentch Helmets Sucks you can't buy them as bits but I'm sure some one is selling them on eBay. The helmet your using is actually a Sorcerer helmet that you get from the Chaos terminator lord/sorcerer pack. It looks good as a helmet but does not mean your Tzeentch. Good work, just remember its best to spend as much time preparing the bits, i wish the Dirge caster didn't block the font view of the Champs head. Best of Luck.

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