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Tau Fire Warriors

Tau Fire Warriors

My second attempt at Fire Warriors. Terracotta scheme this time. Tried to get a couple with carbines to look as if they're lobbing grenades from the launchers.

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Hell Aard, your stuff is really sweet.

I really hope that you will start a ongoing project thread with whatever you are working on next. Mmmmm all those funky conversions.

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I was catching up with photographing existing stuff - about 3,000 pts each of Tau and Space Wolves - until my camera died. Having got to this point, it's time to think about not building straight from the box - but things that can still be gamed.

Next vehicle idea is a half-tracked Whirlwind: extended front "bonnet", front wheels etc. I keep coming back to an articulated APC idea, like the real Marines' Viking. Needs more thought.

Figure-wise, my son is working on Farsight and his mate Brightsword. I guess that leaves him needing some Tarellian infantry .... In the Work In Progress box is a group of 3 Orks involving un-laced trousers, a cigar lighter, surprise, scorching and mirth. I wonder what the Ork is for "rip snorter"......

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