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Tau attack

Tau attack

Tau forces attempt to break Imperial lines and even though heavy damage is done, Allied lines hold

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Hey sorry Viscount Vash i must have missed your post the first time around. Ill try and get some photos of the individual ships when i have a sec, but as for the classes:

The three similar half crescent ships are Protector class cruisers, the Tau's basic cruiser of the line. Its got a massive torpedo salvo and a small fighter capacity as well as 2 lances and a small weapons battery.
The large ship with the twin protruding parts and the red wings is a Custodian class Carrier. Fantastic carrier capacity but weak weapons other than that.
The small ship directly up from that is a Castellian class escort, one of the best escorts ni the game. Its got torpedoes and a weapons battery. Usually fielded in squardons of 3-6 this guy is the last man standing from his squadron!
The Two hammerhead ships to its left are emmisary class light cruisers. Lightly defended they do however have a faily good weapons loadout, especilly if you swap out the small launch bays for mine layers!

Hope this helps, Tau fleet ftw!

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