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Ork looted (artillerie)wagon

Ork looted (artillerie)wagon

Having finished the converted Kommando wagen (see other pics in this gallery), I spotted a cheap model of the version fitted with a tank turret and just had to do something with that too. Railway wheels replaced with tank tracks, original gun replaced with one from a Leman Russ with a Rokkit launch

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huge amount of conversion work here man, now get some paint on it LOL

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Was saving the painting for the cold evenings when the Mek Shop (i.e. garage) is too cold for converting.

I have at least now base-coated it (and all my other unpainted Ork conversions on this site) in a manky metal mix of bolt gun & tin bitz with some metallic brown and black thrown in. This is my "standard" Ork vehicle base colour, although the proportions do vary from mix to mix for some variation.

Once the colours are applied (red and blue), details painted and a couple of washes applied, I intend to give the Mig rusty pigments a good work-out.

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