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Lictor (Tyranid Warrior conversion.)

Lictor (Tyranid Warrior conversion.)

This is a Lictor that I have converted from a Tyranid Warrior.

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Again, nice work. I was trying to figure out why part of him was made of stone, then realised it's his camouflage. DOH :)

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wow this is a very creative way to show a lictor. i adore your idea of showing him gradiently exposing himself from his surroundings but would look better on the actual model rather than an obvious conversion. its definitely not a model i would have thought to convert, or give a scenic base.

great job, nice devotion to such an obscure tyranid elites choice these days. my deathleaper is all green, so he actually blends in a bit with my green battle mat.

on the cons side, the scytal arms look way out of proportion, like he hit the gym and lifted 80lb weights from monday to thursday. id recommend getting some basic warrior scytals and doing some conversion magic to mkae them look longer and thus scarier, maybe attach some spikes from other kits to look like teeth from the actual lictor models scytals.

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